1. Sturdy Removals Boxes
  2. Recycled Boxes Available
  3. Packing Paper & Bubblewrap
  4. Wardrobe Cartons
  5. Plastic Mattress Covers
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Recycled Removals boxes from £2.00 each

Most of our customers prefer to use our recycled boxes, as they are high quality and low cost. Prices vary according to size.
Removals and StorageThe most popular is the Standard size at £2.00 each.

New packing boxes from £3.00 each
We are rarely asked for new packing boxes, but these can be provided if required.

Packing Tape | £1.95 per roll

Industry Standard packing tape for sealing boxes, applying bubblewrap, etc...

Bubblewrap from £15 per 100 metres
We can provide bubblewrap in rolls of 100 metres for £15.00 or by the metre at £0.40 per metre

Packing Paper | £12.00 per ream

Packing fragiles requires packing paper. Our packing paper comes in reams of 500 sheets for £12.00. Unlike newspaper, industry standard packing paper is clean and does not stain.

Wardrobe Boxes | £10.00 each
Also known as garment carriers, wardrobe boxes are used to to transfer the contents of your wardrobe, without removing the items from the hangers. They are, in effect, small portable wardrobes.

Mattress and Sofa Covers | £6.00 each
We have a range of polythene covers to protect mattresses and sofas while in storage and/or during a move. Many of our customers keep these for re-use when redecorating.

All prices included VAT.

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