Self Storage

We provide secure, dry and clean self storage units for short or long-term lets. We have small and large units available in our fully secured facility with central monitoring and CCTV.

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You don't have to be moving home to need storage. You may just have too much to fit into your home or office or just need somewhere to keep the overflow.

What makes our storage special

We protect our containers as best we can with an internal anti condensation spray. Our self storage containers are all internally sprayed with Grapho-Therm. Grafo-Therm anti condensation coating is an effective long term solution to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation.

Condensation in containers is always a risk, especially during colder, winter months. All single skin steel or aluminium roofs have the capacity to condense and drip on to goods stored. A lined container significantly reduces the risk of condensation and the possibility of dripping, thereby offering your goods a higher and better degree of condensation protection.

 Sure, you may pay a little more for our storage but you’re getting greater peace of mind knowing we’ve done everything we can to our containers to try and keep your goods safe and dry.

If the goods you're storing goods are of particular financial or emotional value we advise you place moisture poles in your hired container.

The photo's below show our lined self storage containers.

Our Storage Facility is within a 10 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne, North Shields and Whitley Bay

grapho therm lined container
Inside our protected containers
Inside our protected self storage containers
Moving House - Van outside

Moving House – Stress Free

Moving House is tough and takes a lot of time. Hiring a company, packing, and getting your new home ready, together with your day to day matters, all add up for a stressful moment in your life. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help alleviate this stress or take control of the chaos of your big day.

A list of all the things you need to get done when moving house will really help you visualise the tasks in the buildup to moving. These include notifying all the necessary people, arranging for your children or pets to be looked after, and packing.

  • Plan well in advance. The better your planning the easier your moving day will be. It's a good idea to avoid Bank Holidays or Fridays - thats usually when we're at our busiest. Instead try for a Tuesday or Wednesday moving date.
  • Create a moving checklist. A list of all the things you need to get done will really help you visualise the tasks in the buildup to moving. These include notifying all the necessary people, arranging for your children or pets to be looked after, and packing.
  • Get in touch with A-Z Moving and Storage.  We can guide you through all your needs for moving house, helping make it a smooth and stress free experience.
  • Declutter. Taking stock of all of your belongings and getting rid of things you will not need goes a long way when moving house. Not only will it save money by lowering removal costs, it will significantly reduce your packing time.
  • Allocate plenty of time. Make sure you have enough time to complete the items on your checklist. With packing, start early and with things that you will not need immediately. Since it is incredibly time-consuming, consider hiring professional packing services from your removal company.
  • Label everything. Label all boxes with its contents and the room on the top and side. This way you are able to read the labels once you stack them on top of each other. Also, colour code boxes and bags with each room in your new home so you and the movers will know exactly where to unload your belongings.
  • Pack a survival pack/box. Nothing is worse than having to spend your first few days at your new home without the essentials so pack a box including anything from cutlery, bin bags, water, tea bags, box cutters, and toilet paper – anything to make your new home liveable.
  • Create a documents folder. Keep all important documents in a clearly-designated place where you will not lose them, along with digital copies. These include passports, insurance papers, housing and financial documents, medical records, and moving documents.
  • Notify others. As the big day draws nearer, you must also inform the DVLA, HMRC, TV Licensing, banks, building societies and credit and store cards companies of your move to a new address, and of course the utilities - gas, electricity, water, phone, broadband and TV or on-demand subscription.
  • Final preparations. With just days to go include making arrangements for pets to be looked after, defrosting the fridge and freezer, rounding up keys to the house and making an inventory of everything that is moving with you.
  • Relaxing activities. In the midst of your move, it may seem as if you have no time for anything other than things related to your move. However, it is important to have some time to relax! Go out for a special meal to celebrate your move or take a walk around your new area so you can meet your new neighbours. Ask them for advice, helping with the transition to your new surroundings.

Moving House with A-Z House Removals

  • Good honest reviews.
  • Family run Ltd Company.
  • Nice calm well mannered staff to take your call and listen to your needs.
  • Members of Checkatrade.
  • Well known and established Removal Company.
  • Almost 20 years experience.
  • Smart trained uniformed Staff.
  • We own and operate our storage facility (no second parties involved to cause you potential complications).

Call: 0191 653 1990 or 0785 985 1598

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Moving Home – Money Saving Tip

Moving Home

The price of a house or flat move is usually based on the amount of work involved and the distance travelled. There are sometimes other factors, but the main ones are the volume of goods and the distance.

There’s nothing you can do about the distance of your new home from your old one, but you can reduce the cost of your move by reducing how much you need the remover to transport.

A-Z Moving and Storage have been moving families and individuals around the North East for over 16 years and have, on many occasions, heard our customers say things like, “Put those in the garage. I don’t know why we brought them with us.” and “Leave them over there, we’ll probably throw them away”.

This seems like a waste of money, not just because there is often value in the items thrown away, but because the customer has paid us to move them, only to dispose of them at the other end.

So our money saving tip is this; If you don’t want something, give it away before you move, so you’re not paying us to move it. This seems logical and straight-forward, but can add to your already busy schedule. So here are some ideas.

The British Heart Foundation can collect unwanted furniture, clothes, books and other items which are then recycled or sold in their charity outlets. You can find more information on

There are BHF outlets in Wallsend, North Shields and various other locations around Newcastle, with a Furniture and Electrical outlet on West Denton Retail Park, Newcastle.

For donations of clothing, Oxfam has a network of clothing banks, usually in supermarket car parks, like the one at Morrisons, Hillheads Road, Whitley Bay. You can find your nearest clothes bank on their website,

Other charities that collect donations include St Oswald’s Hospice and Community Link, but most charities with outlets will accept donations taken to their shops.

It may be worth checking with family or friends, to see if they want the items you want to dispose of. Or you may want to sell the items on eBay or to a local second-hand shop.

Whether you choose to donate to charity, give the goods to family/friends, or sell it on eBay, the best time to do it is before you ask the removals company to give you a quote.

Note: If you decide to throw the goods away, it is cheaper to do it yourself than to ask your remover to do it for you. Most waste disposal facilities will charge a business for disposal, but it’s usually free to the general public.

No Lift!

Another move into storage from North Shields, the property was up 4 flights of stairs and there was no lift!

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New Customer Storage

Carefully loading one of our 500 plus customers belongings into a 20 foot (insulated roof) storage container for safe keeping .

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removals wallsend
removals whitley bay